To The Teeth

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To The Teeth started as a personal playlist on Spotify in 2015 to keep track of new heavy music coming out. As soon as I opened it up to others it quickly gained followers - the internet is an overwhelming source. I started to take curating more seriously, almost religiously searching for the good fresh stuff.

Big names, new bands, full on extreme stuff, folky heavy-adjecent songs, pristine production, raw stuff, melodic, scorching, progressive, knuckle-dragging, intense, slow-burning, beautiful, repelling, awe-inspiring, scary, heavy music in all its forms. And better than the official playlists, I think..


I’m Peter and I’m a music journalist in daily life for Dutch national newspaper NRC. Not just metal or rock, also pop, latin, jazz, hiphop, dance, you name it. My true love has always been metal (well, and Nirvana), but I’m a general music junkie. I’m also one of the hosts of Dutch podcast Zes Losse Tanden, a two-monthly new heavy music podcast.


Doing this takes time and sometimes money. You can support To The Teeth on Patreon and you’ll get a patch (see the picture) and stickers! You can also buy them at Bandcamp.



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